A natural diet for dogs and cats is fresh meat and vegetables. The meat should include all parts of the animal, including internal organs and bones.


מהי תזונה טבעית ולמה היא כל כך חשובה? 

The benefits of this diet are too huge and significant to count, but in a nutshell – a natural diet makes the body better! The benefits are reflected in healthy skin, shiny and soft fur, less shedding, less accumulation of tartar in teeth, reduced body odor, almost odorless solid stool and significantly less of it.

 A dog over the age of a year should eat 2-3% of its body weight. If your dog is under a year, the food should be recalculated every month according to age and weight.
לא בטוחים כמה אוכל לתת לכלב שלכם?
 Check our nutritional calculator

The amount of food your pet eats per month will vary depending on their weight, so for each animal a crate will be enough for a different period of time. If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be glad to help you.

Our nutritional calculator will calculate how much you should feed your dog and which food will best fit them, according to the data you’ve provided. Still not sure? We’d love to hear from you and help you out. 

 הערכים התזונתיים מציגים את הערכים ל100 גרם אוכל טבעי. על מנת להתאים את הערכים התזונתיים כפי שהם מוכרים ע"י התקן האירופאי למזון נרשמו גם הערכים התזונתיים כמו שהיו אם המזון היה מיובש וללא נוזלים.

 We use real meat from reputable sellers which meet all the high standards of the Ministry of Agriculture. Each recipe has over 70% meat. We don’t use leftovers or by-products of the meat industry.

No. The food is pasteurized and cooked at a low temperature so that unwanted bacteria are avoided, but the natural values ​​of the meat and vegetables are still preserved.

 We at Natural Pet Nutrition have developed a unique method of cooking that preserves food at room temperature without having to refrigerate it. The food is packaged in unique pouches that we’ve developed. The food is pasteurized at a low temperature, so the bacteria are destroyed but the nutritional values ​​in the food are still preserved. Using natural antioxidants we keep the freshness of the food inside the sealed package and prevent bacteria from reproducing.

If there’s any food left in the pouch and you want to keep it for your dog’s next meal, then just pop the pouch in the fridge until the next meal. The food can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days after opening.

תוקף המזון הוא לחצי שנה כל עוד השקית הפנימית סגורה (לפי הנחיות המוצר - בטמפרטורת החדר או במידה וצריך הקפאה). לאחר פתיחה של השקית ניתן לשמור את האוכל עד 3 ימים במקרר.

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