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About Us

In 2012, I had a dream and it started out in my very own kitchen. What began with testing out some delicious, fresh recipes for my own dogs, has turned into Natural Pet Nutrition; a company that works with some of the best field veterinarians and food technologists in the industry.
Now Natural Pet Nutrition is the oldest and leading company in Israel for the production of natural food for cats and dogs.

Your pet’s diet should evolve based on their weight, activity level, and more. Use our simple feeding calculator, and we’ll do the rest.

Why choose us?

We use natural & fresh ingredients

Our recipes have been reviewed and designed by a team of specialist veterinary nutritionists

We use some of the strictest production standards according to the Ministry of Agriculture

We're a dedicated & professional team and our product is made in Israel

Production Process

First, the raw ingredients are carefully picked; We select only the highest quality meat and fresh vegetables straight from the farm.

Next, the ingredients are washed, the meat is ground up and mixed into individual and convenient pouches.

Lastly, the food is pasteurized at a controlled temperature ensuring that microbiological food standards are well-maintained.

We think about food and become inspired.We think about pets and become motivated

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